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We all know why one should go to gym, though all of us may not actually like to go there everyday! I started going there couple of weeks back and slowly, I started feeling good about it. So why do we go to gym? I would say to physically stay fit! As per the report by PWC on “Adapt… Read More

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What is Python? To a non-programmer, it means a snake (haha!) but everyone in the tech industry knows it, acknowledges it and respects it as a great programming tool. Python is one of the top 10 programming languages of the day and its popularity continues to grow. No wonder you are reading 480 Python questions… Read More

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This blog will give you step by step guide on how to write your first “Hello World” machine learning program using Python.   Step 1 – Overview of Machine Learning In order to write the hello world for machine learning you need to first understand what is Machine learning. Without having a clear picture of… Read More

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Machine learning is the buzz word these days and everybody wants to know something about it. In times to come, how to learn  machine learning from scratch? will be a concept that everyone who needs to stay competitive will have to know about. What is Machine Learning?   Traditional programs take data as input and… Read More

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“In 8 Great Applications Of “Machine Learning” article, I will put a brief light on some areas where machine learning is revolutionizing the state of affairs and that are most likely to adopt machine learning like never before.” 1. Cyber Security Existing system to monitor traffic coming from outside nodes or the traffic exchanged between… Read More

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