Enhance Your Professional Fitness Through Career Gym!

We all know why one should go to gym, though all of us may not actually like to go there everyday! I started going there couple of weeks back and slowly, I started feeling good about it. So why do we go to gym? I would say to physically stay fit!

As per the report by PWC on “Adapt to Survive“, globally more than $150B is lost due to mismatch between talent and opportunity. The report clearly states that in order to drive growth, key aspect is to match opportunity with required skill sets. Many of the current skill sets would be redundant or less applicable and new skill sets are emerging.

As an individual, we need to ensure we keep track of these changes that are happening and they are happening rapidly. We also need to ensure we keep on learning something new everyday. Gone are the days when one could say that we would survive with the skill we started with our career. Today, it is recommended that one must change roles requiring adjacent or completely new skill sets every 4 years.

For a professional to remain relevant in the job market, a systematic and disciplined approach must be followed to acquire new skills and expand existing skill sets. One must devote a fixed time every day or at the very least, every week to learn something new and be aware of what is coming. Apart from reading books, journals, on-line blogs and articles, meeting different people with emerging skill sets would provide insights about the skills as well as the path to acquiring those skills. Training and certification in different skill sets is another way to learn new things.

The rate of innovation is increasing in this decade leading to a demand in new skill sets. While there are numerous emerging opportunities, there is a great risk of becoming irrelevant very quickly. As professionals, we must be aware of these changes to leverage this force act in favor rather than against us.

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